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dreamteamDreamTeam Basketball system with international standard

right mark30   Why choose Dream Team ?>> We have varity of basketball system that provide solutions to all size of basketball fields including home-use basketball goal
right mark30 High Standard Production site >>   professional team with standard inspection QC to guarantee quality products
right mark30  After Sales serivce >> Thailand Best After Sales serivce for Basketball industry 
right mark30  DreamTeam Stand >> Quality material Arcylic/PC premium grade
right mark30  Outstanding look>> Excellent basketball design for long-term maintanance!!!
right mark30  Best Value>> our competitive price and 1 year-warranty can guarantee the best value

*1 year warranty, if using under normal conduct with free spare parts and service under on-site service in Bangkok areas. For outside Bangkok, we send spare parts for self maintanance. After warranty period, we affirm customers to have spare parts in service for lonterm maintance.*


    • Standard size basketball stand with backboard dimension  180 x 105 cm
    • Temper glass backboard is the international material for FIBA standardproducting the best bouncing result
    • 3.05m rim height from ground and 1.5m extension
  • Suitable for education units  and institutes

Series SC-2: equipped with 4 wheels and 2 wheel break, spring foldable system and extension 1.5m temper glass backboard 50,000  baht (per basketball stand) button_view_more

series ING-6:  Inground basketball pole with height-adjustable  and arm extention of 1.50 m price 36,000  baht (per basketball pole) button_view_more

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  • Portable basketball goal for home-use and recreational activties
  • Start from 5,490 baht
  • Different basketball backboard size from 110 -137 cm (44 inch – 54 inch)
  • Basketball Rim Height and Basketball Rim size applied with Standard FIBA
  • Rim Height adjustable 
  • Assemble and Portable with ease 



SD-2000T : Basketball backboard size 137 cm (54″) Temper glass backboard 8 mm thick  special price24,900 18,900button_view_more
SD-1504 : Basketball backboard size127 cm (50″) Height adjustable with power lift system price 16,900 button_view_more


LA-250 :Basketball backboard size 110 cm (44″) Height adjustable with power lift system price 12,900 –> SALE 6,290button_view_more
LA-150 : Basketball backboard size 110 cm (44″) Height adjustable with screw fitting system price 11,900–> SALE 5,490 button_view_more


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  • Wall mounted basketball hoop is best solution for limited space
  • Space saver solution
  • Basketball Rim Height and Basketball Rim size applied with Standard FIBA
  • Start from only 4,900 baht

BG-3000T : Basketball backboard width 137 cm height adjustable basketball system  price 13,900 baht button_view_more
BG-1504 : Basketball backboard width127 cm price 5,900 baht button_view_more
BG-2000X :Basketball backboard width110 cm only 14 x 9 cm wall space for installation price 5,400 baht button_view_more
BG-2000 :  Basketball backboard width110 cm price 4,900 baht button_view_more


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Backboard replacement service allow institutes to renew the rotten backboard to  standard temper glass basketball backboard.The temper backboard produce clear and outstanding look with excellent basketball bouncing effect same as FIBA standard for only  17,500 baht for Bangkok area, we have on-site service to replace and renew the basketball hoop 21403640238_f601ce33cd_o

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Basketball accessories:
Temper Glass Backboard : Standard size 180×105 cm 12mm thickness with aliminium frame price 17,500 baht<<Click>>
Arcylic Basketball Backboard :
 Standard size 180 x 105 cm thickness 15 mm 19,900 baht <<Click>>
Fiber Backboard : Standard size 180×105 cm  price 15,900 baht <<Click>>
Temper 8 mm  backboard: middle size 137×80 cm  price 9,500 baht <<Click>>
Double spring hoop : Solid basketball hoop with diameter 45 cm , double choke spring  price 2,400 baht <<Click>>
Solid hoop for 1504 series :  solid standard basketball hoop with diameter 45 cm price 1,690 baht  <<Click>>
Basketball hoop for  LA Serie : Basketball ring with diameter 45 cm black color price 890 baht  <<Click>>
Steel net chain : Street basketball style , stell net chain, highly durable price 890 baht <<Click>>
Standard molten outdoor : Molten no. 7 price 650 baht 
Premium molten outdoor : Molten no.7 price 1,990 baht 
Golden molten indoor/outdoor : Molten no. 7  Molten price 2,990 baht

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Best Seller products

No.1 Standard Basketball Stand SC-2 (Sport Competition Basketball Stand)

Series SC-2 temper glass 12 mm 3 levels adjustable price 50,000 baht 

Users: Goverment units, Universities, School, Condos , Hospital , village etc.

– most popular standard series from buyers

– Basketball backboard size 180 x 105 cm FIBA standard with anti rust aluminium frame

– Core frame thick 14.5 cm with 1.5m backboard extension from the basketball stand

– thickness 12mm of temper glass basketball backboard

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Benefits of single core frame


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No.2 Street basketball SD-2000T (Street Basketball stands)

price 19,900 Baht (excluded delivery charge)

User : Single house, companies, production plants, etc.

– height adjustable 

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how to adjust SD-2000T

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No.3 Street basketball goal LA-250 (Free Standing Basketball Goals)

price 6,290 baht (excluded delivery charge)


– easily portable basketball goal, promtly setup by single man moving from garage to play in front of the house in 3 minutes

– Polycarbonate backboard 110 cm (44 inch) x 75 cm

– rim hegith between 3.05 – 2.3 cm, height adjustable system by “Power Lift”

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Single person setup from garage

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No.4 Wall mounted Basketball hoop BG-2000 (Wall mounted basketball rim)

price only 4,900 baht (excluded delivery and installation charge)


– Space saver and easily install with price only 6,400 baht

– basketball backboard dimension 110 cm x 70 cm

– easy for installation

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After placing order, customers can choose payment terms and delivery.

1. Bank transfer with courier shipment




2. On Site service with cash payment

Only for customers in Bangkok or nearby areas

customers can book the setup time with our sales person

Tel : 085-190-6734/ Line ID: bswthailand

Email : bswthailand@gmail.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dtbasketball


3. Self pick-up at our head office at Boromrajchonnani soi 17 , close to Central Pinklao

Office hours: Mon-Sat 10-18:00

Tel : 085-190-6734/ Email : bswthailand@gmail.com/ ID line: bswthailand

Delivery Service

1.Self pick-up at our head office at Boromrajchonnani soi 17 , close to Central Pinklao

Office hours: Mon-Sat 10-18:00

Tel : 085-190-6734/ Email : bswthailand@gmail.com/ ID line: bswthailand


2. Bangkok and  nearby areas

delivery charge with installation range from 400-600 for home use basketball stand, 1,000-2,000 for wall mounted, and 2000-5000 for standard size basketball system and pole 

customers can book our setup time and pay cash on sight

Tel : 085-190-6734/ Email : bswthailand@gmail.com/ ID line: bswthailand


3. Outside Bangkok

Courier service door to door range from 600 -3000 baht depends on goal size and remote area

delivery service takes 2-5 business days

(courier company will make a phone call on delivery date, if customers can’t answer the phone call. It may delay the delivery, and if fail to anwer twice, the customers may have to pick up from the near)

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