Standard 45 cm. diameter basketball hoop
Our standard 45 cm. diameter basketball hoop have 3 models of choice for our customer’s requirement. There are ordinary model for general use, stronger model for more durable use and standard model that comes with shock spring for practical use.



Solid steel bar basketball hoop with double shock spring
Price 2,400 baht (installation cost not included)

This basketball hoop model has 2 big shock springs. This hoop is for our standard model backboard. In the picture is SC-2 model competition standard backboard which has core bar connect to the hoop. Mostly used in schoolyard or hospital, these 2 springs can absorb impact from players so that players can dunk through or hang on as much as they want.




Picture of basketball hoop model 1504 before install

Basketball hoop model 1504 Hoop
Price 1,690 baht (installation cost not included)

This is standard size hoop derived from hoop installed on Dream Team’s SD1504 and BG-1504 backboard design. Cheap price and can install on your old pole or mount on your wall. This makes it possible to play inside your house with small cost.



Basketball hoop model LA Series
Price 890 baht (installation cost not included)

Standard size hoop installed on our backboard model LA-150, LA-250, BG-2000 and BG-2000x, includes nylon net. Suitable for wall attach or be replacement part for your damaged backboard.


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