SD-2000T adjustment review video

SD-2000 basketball system (for dunker)

– price 21,900 baht price 18,500 baht  (shipping cost not included)

  • Temperedglass backboard 8 mm. thick mm ,FIBA standard solid steel bar rim, more height adjustable with hand crank hydraulic, water-filled base have movable wheels.
  • Total height from base to the top of pole when set on the lowest level is 2.86 m. (in case you need to store in garage).
    1. Backboard size 137 x 80 centimetres (54”), made of Temperedglass backboard 8 mm. thick , frame is made of rectangular steel tube size 1.5 x 1 inches. Hemming aluminium edge all side. Reinforce plastic below.
    2. Solid steel rim 18 mm. thick, super strong, orange color, 2 thick shock springs under rim, FIBA standard 45 centimetres diameter.
    3. . Main pole is tilt 3 pieces 4×4 inches steel tube pole.
    4. Adjust height by hand crank hydraulic.
    5. Adjustable from 2.3 – 3.05 metres
    6. Base is made of PE plastic 130 x 80 x 20 centimetres dimension.
    7. 1 pair of front wheel to move all together with rebouncer.
    8. Total weight before fill water is 64 kilograms
    9. Water capacity is 150 kilograms.
    10. 1 year warranty.

Asking for Information


height fin mark


Temperedglass 54 inches width backboard


Hand crank hydraulic lift


Triangle rebouncer that rebouce the ball back to a player


Basketball system SD-2000 base


Sample picture of SD-2000 backboard   18493332486_1c54c6c217_z

Shock spring under rim absorbing dunk force


SD-2000 assembly demonstration video.