Adjustable basketball system LA-250

– price 12,900 baht (shipping cost not included) 

  • – Acrylic backboard 2 mm. thick, FIBA standard steel bar rim, height adjustable with power lift,water-filled base have movable wheels.
  • – Total height from base to the top of pole when set on the lowest level is 2.86 m. (in case you need to store in garage).  
    1. Backboard size 110 x 75 centimetres (44”), made of acrylic 2 millimatres thick on PE plastic 10 x 4 frame.
    2. Hollow steel rim 16 mm. thick, super strong, black color, 2 thick shock springs under rim, 45 centimetres diameter.
    3. Main pole is straight 3 pieces 3.5 inches round steel pole.
    4. Adjust height by power lift.
    5. Adjustable from 2.3 – 3.05 metres.
    6. Base is made of PE plastic 130 x 80 x 20 centimetres dimension
    7. 1 pair of front wheel to move.
    8. Total weight before fill water is 38 kilograms.
    9. Water capacity is 125 kilograms.
    10. 1 year warranty.

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Adjust height by power lift


Power Lift makes it quicker to adjust height


Can be stored in garage and ready to use anytime when on the lowest level


Moving and level adjusting demonstration video

Basketball system base


Shock spring reinforcing rim and backboard enduranceโช็คห่วง-mark

3 inches pole


Installation example at St. Andrews International SchoolSt Andrews International School


Review from actual spot



Installation demonstration video

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