Wall-mounted backboard BG-3000

– price 11,900 baht (shipping cost not included).

Front picture

Best available home series model. A wall-mounted polycarbonate backboard 3 mm. thick. Height is adjustable by hand crank hydraulic. Suitable for both kids and adults. FIBA standard solid steel bar rim with shock spring to suit dunk through. 54 inches width make it possible to shoot on more angle than smaller model. Special Eliminate install area and wall height limitation. Flexible install placement, able to install on 2nd floor beam in most cases.

• 137 x 80 centimetres (54”) backboard made of clear polycarbonate 3 millimetres thick. Frame is made of rectangular steel tube of 1.5 x 1 inches. Hemming aluminium on all side. Reinforce plastic below.
• Solid steel bar rim of 18 mm. diameter. Extra strong. Orange color. 2 shock springs under rim. FIBA standard 45 centimetres diameter hoop.
• Adjust height by hand crank hydraulic, higher or lower 60 centimetres.
• Overhang is 37-60 centimetres.
• Wall attachment part is equal angle steel, like rectangular frame, of 52 cm. width 74 cm. length.
• Total weight is 45 kilograms.
• 1 year warranty.

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* Note Recommend wall space more than 52 width x 74 length cm. (no pillar between)
2 install methods (see illustration)
1. Normal method. Hand crank locate below. 2.4 m. – 2.7 m. install height.
2. If height is more than 3 m., hand crank need to installed upside down.

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Additional attributes illustration


Height adjusting hydraulic, higher or lower 60 cm.


Side view



After-adjust view


3 mm. thick polycarbonate able to hold weights and strong

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Install perfectly on your house beam, only require 53×53 cm. space as illustrated


BG-3000 basketball backboard size


2 pairs of shock spring absorbing dunk weight to 130 kilograms


Rim is made of solid steel bar


Standard hoop size 45.9 centimetres


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