Wall-mounted backboard BG-1504

* Note Recommend wall space more than  58 x 49 cm. (can be installed between pillar no wider than 43 cm.) and not higher than 3 metres.
Standard height that is needed to achieve is measures from floor to lower edge of attachment steel, 2.95 metres

– price 7,900 baht (shipping cost not included). 

– – Backboard size 127 x 80 centimetres (50”), made of clear polycarbonate 3 millimetres thick.

– Rectangular steel tube frame 1 x 3/4 inches. Hemming aluminium edge. Reinforce plastic below.

– Rim made of 16 millimetres diameter solid steel bar. Standard hoop diameter of 45 centimetres. Attach to backboard with steel structure behind. Comes with nylon net.

– Parts and replacements 1 year warranty.

Asking for Information

Backboard size


Easy install on many spot with only 4 anchors. Able to install between pillar. 


Overhang is 36 cm.


Strong rim, attached to backboard and steel structure behind. Durable.


16 millimetres diameter solid steel bar rim. Standard 45 centimetres diameter hoop.