Product information: In-ground basketball pole ING-06

Price 36,000 baht (installation cost not included)

inground basketball goal

Strong point: Competition standard tempered glass, adjustable height 2.40-3.05 m., strong in-ground and utilize small space.

1. Backboard size 180 x 105 cm competition standard,made of tempered glass 12 mm. thick/span> (temper glass)  12 mm Frame is made of aluminium for endurance and rust-proof.

*Tempered glass attribute is when break, it crumble into small granular chunks without sharpness, don’t cause scratch and don’t appear dark yellow as acrylic, being standard material due to its best bounce response.

2.  FIBA standard hoop 45 cm. diameters, made of solid steel bar 18 mm. thick, 2 shock springs under rim,  good for dunks, can hold more than 130 kilograms. Comes with nylon net.

(Hanging on basketball rim regularly could result in rim and backboard damage)

3. In-ground basketball pole for soil or lawn, or remove existing concrete floor to plant it.

4.  Utilize small spacejust only 1.3 m. behind end line.

5.  Strong structure due to Ground Anchor attachment (4 j-bolts).

6.  Install by casting concrete base into ground pit size of 50 x 50 cm. depth of 1.2 m. or more.                              

7.Height is adjustable by hand crank hydraulic from 2.40 – 3.05 metres (3.05 m. is competition standard height).

8. Overhang is 1.5 m. which is safe distance when jump with speed.

9.  Main pole is steel tube size of 15×15 cm. length of 3 m. Strong and durable

10.Entire pole weight 177 kilograms.

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Sample picture of ING-6 basketball pole

inground basketball hoops

inground basketball goa

ING-6 basketball pole review video

Planting in ground save base space, suitable for school, institutes or house with small area behind end line


Any small area can install basketball pole model ING-6 even in your own house. Model ING-06 require space behind end line just only 1.3 metres which is 1 metre less than SC-2. Fulfill need of customer who has small area behind end line but need standard size basketball pole and longer durable service life than any home model.

No worry if it is concrete. We can install by drilling open existing concrete to plant base root of 50 x 50

รGround Anchor planting system made structure stronger

inground basketball system

Install on soil, lawn or existing concrete by digging a 50 x 50 cm. pit with depth at least 1.2 m. Cast small bell-shaped concrete base and embed 4 ground anchor (j-bolt) together with plate into concrete as introduction video below.

Height is adjustable from 2.4-3.05 metresinground basketball goa

Hand crank hydraulic

inground basketball system

Other ING-6 model basketball pole properties

inground basketball system

Backboard is made of tempered glass 12 millimetres thick

inground basketball pole

FIBA standard hoop diameter, solid steel bar and shock spring under backboard


inground basketball pole

Overhang is 1.5 metres so that it is more than possible to install and achieve standard backboard extension range into court 1.2 m.


Strong, durable, able to hold heavy weight


Back-reinforced with absorber plate to increase strength and load from dunk, together with hoop with a pair of big shock spring, reassure the strength of model ING-6.

(Hanging on basketball rim regularly could result in rim damage)


ING-06 installation demonstration video

VDO Part 1 (base preparation)

VDO Part 2 (Pole planting and backboard assembly)


Professional set up team