Choose slamdunk series

For players who love dunk, you can dunk through/shoot on more angle than layup series/polycarbonate backboard/tilt strong pole for less shake/bounce plastic/FIBA standard breakaway flex rim hoop

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SD-2000 : 137 cm. (54”) wide backboard, 4 inches steel tube pole, adjust height by hydraulic,price 18,900 B.

right mark30Choose SD 2000 if you play often, would love to dunk, plays technique and skillright mark30Budget lower than 20,000 baht but feels like real court the most.right mark30. Shake less when shot, right mark30big backboard size. 54” wide backboard, suitable for 4.5-7 metres playfieldright mark30Best choice for junior high schooler and adultsbutton_view_more

SD-1504 : 127 cm. (50”) wide backboard, 3.5 inches round steel pole, adjust height by power liftprice 16,900B.

right mark30For whom play often, would love to dunk, plays technique and skillright mark30Average budget, not too high not too low, need strong and less shake poleright mark3050” wide backboard, suitable for approximately 4-6 metres playfieldright mark30Best choice for kids, grade 4 – 6 and adults.button_view_more

Choose layup series

For budget players/Acrylic backboard, opaque and pretty/easy height adjust, straight pole/cannot dunk

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LA-250 : 110 cm. (44”) wide backboard, adjust height by power lift, price 12,900 B. –> SALE 6,290 B. !!
LA-150 : 110 cm. (44”) wide backboard, adjust height by level adjuster price 5,490 B.

right mark30For primary school kids who just start playing and want to have fun practicing at homeright mark30 get exercise, practice shots, improve skills. Adults with low budget who need home basketball system for little exerciseright mark3044” wide backboard, suitable for small area about 4.5 metres

LA-250 easy adjusts by power lift, use less force   button_view_more

LA-150adjusts by level adjuster, save 1,000 baht for next to nothing less comfortable  button_view_more

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Comparing all 4 Dream Team portable basketball system models

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