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Standard size basketball backboard 180 x 105 cm. (72 inches)
Our standard size backboard has variety of materials selection for customers in order to fulfill any requirement and placement area. We have tempered glass, acrylic and fiber-reinforced plastic backboard available which are different in usage and price



Standard 12 mm. thickness tempered glass backboard.
Price 17,500 baht (installation cost not included) 

Standard size tempered glass basketball backboard 180 x 105 cm. (72 inches), 12 millimetres in thickness, for school, agencies and contractor customers who have old remaining pole but backboard is unusable. This can also install on any unoccupied column or pole.


Standard 15 mm. thickness acrylic backboard.
Price 19,900 baht (installation cost not included)

Acrylic basketball backboard 180 x 105 cm. in size together with hoop. Popular equipment of choice school and institutes switch with old backboard on strong and useful structure pole. The old backboard may made of wood that get decay old from sunlight and rain, including old fixed rim that broken from impacts overtime. Also, clear acrylic backboard looks good and meets the standard, more than opaque backboard.


5 cm. thick SMC plastic backboard (7 mm. surface thickness)
Price 18,900 baht–> Sale 15,900 baht!! (installation cost not included)

Standard size fiber SMC backboard 180 x 105 cm. is plastic fiber 50 millimetres thick (plastic is 7 millimetres thick), designed to hold much significant weight by reinforce net-gussets behind the frame with empty space in-between for distributed load. Therefore, this fiber backboard can withstand high impact and pressure.

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