Standard backboard SC-2, tempered glass 12 mm. thick adjustable height,price 50,000 baht
(Get premium futsal goal size 3 x 2 metres for 54,000 baht / price not include shipping and installation cost)
Standard backboard SC-2, tempered glass 10 mm. thick, foldable,price 45,000 baht
(Get premium futsal goal size 3 x 2 metres for 50,000 baht / price not include shipping and installation cost)

Standard backboard model SC-2 VDO

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Dream Team had sponsored international boys’ basketball tournament age group 14, 16 and 19 years old (NCAA Pacific Rim Championship 2016 U19 , U16 and U14 Boys)
at Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan), Din Daeng on May 13 – 15, 2016.


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Strong point: competition standard tempered glass backboard, movable with wheels, foldable

1.  Backboard size 180 x 105 cm competition standard, made of tempered glass 12 mm. thickFrame is made of aluminium for endurance and rust-proof.

  • **Tempered glass attribute is when break, it crumble into small granular chunks without sharpness, don’t cause scratch and don’t appear dark yellow as acrylic, being standard material due to its best bounce response

2. FIBA standard hoop 45 cm. diameters, made of solid steel bar 18 mm. thick,  2 shock springs under rim good for dunks

3. Hoop height from ground is 3.05 metres, a height for competition standard. SC-2 12 mm. model can adjust 3 levels of hoop height from the ground that are 2.75 – 2.9 – 3.05 m., with foldable function.

4. Overhang is 1.80 m. 1.50 m. overhang is safe distance when jump with speed.

5.  Main body (bracket) is 15×15 cm. steel tube. Strong and durable Dunk-able and hang-able.

Hoop directly attach to mounting bracket is NBA design to distribute dunk force to main pole instead of backboard. A design for competition standard backboard that prevents break and tear from dunk force

6. Padding available on all side 1 inch thick. Reduces damage from impact.

7. Entire pole weight 270 kilograms and need more counterweight behind when install 350 kilograms.

*Counterweight does not include in shown price. We recommend concrete block size 40×40 cm. weigh 15 kg. each, total 24 bricks, approximately 700 – 1,500 baht depending on province. Found in any construction materials shop.

8. Base is 1 m. width 2 m. length and need area behind the end line 2.45 m. when install to achieve standard overhang (1.2 m.)

9. Foldable by recoil spring mechanism. Pole is 2.2 m. tall after fold

10. Movable by 4 wheels You can transpose and change court. 2 front wheels can be locked on desire spot.

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Superior property of single arm basketball pole.


Picture of back pole


Overhang is  2.05 metres


New design. Single arm basketball pole. Rim attaches to bracket. Strong and durable. Full body hanging is safe.



Thick absorber covers all around base with cable lock.

Review and demonstration video

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Sample picture of SC-2


Backboard made of tempered glass 10 millimetres thick

*Add 5,000 baht to upgrade from 10 millimetres thick tempered glass to 12 millimetres thick tempered glass


Standard hoop diameter เ, solid steel bar and shock spring under rim


Arm can hold heavy weight. Strong and durable.

Movable by 4 corner wheels. Lockable wheels on desire spot


Review from Supalai Grand Tower installation


Recommended install distance to achieve standard backboard extension range into court