Basketball hoop model LA Series

Price 890 baht (shipping cost not include)

Standard size hoop installed on our backboard model LA-150, LA-250, BG-2000 and BG-2000x, includes nylon net. Suitable for wall attach or be replacement part for your damaged backboard.



Hoop installed on backboard model LA-250


Standard size hoop

– Determined standard for hoop is it must be made of strong round steel. Diameter measured from one side of the inner edge to the other is not less than 45 cm. and not more than 45.9 cm.

– Determined standard for hoop is it must be black color. Steel have a diameter not less than 16 millimetres and not more than 20 millimetres.

– The hoop must have 12 net-locks and some gap between rim and net.

– 2 opposite side of rim upper edge must be in parallel. Stay 3.05 metres from the ground. Mounting bracket behind must be in parallel on both sides.