Standard size acrylic backboard 15 mm. thick with breakaway flex rim.

Special price only for 23,900 baht” (shipping cost and installation cost are not included)


Acrylic basketball backboard together with hoop. Popular equipment of choice school and institutes switch with old backboard on strong and useful structure pole. The old backboard may made of wood that get decay old from sunlight and rain, including old fixed rim that broken from impacts overtime. Also, clear acrylic backboard looks good and meets the standard, more than opaque backboard.

– Acrylic backboard –

• Competition standard basketball backboard 180 x 105 cm.
• Made of clear acrylic material 15 mm. thick.
• Comes with breakaway flex rim, durable and flexible. Service time is longer than any regular steel hoop.
• Weight 54 kg. (hoop not included).
• H-shape steel structure reinforce behind acrylic backboard. Drilled open 4 holes ready to attach to any standard basketball pole.
• White goal frame at front for shots aiming.
• Reinforce secondary aluminium frame on upper edge for strength.
• Padding covers lower edge to prevent injuries.


Sample of replacing decay old backboard


Back picture of steel frame on backboard can attach to or hold onto old structure easily


Standard size acrylic backboard 180 x 105 cm. dimension 15 mm. thick


Back frame drilled open ready to attach to any standard basketball pole


H-shape steel structure reinforce acrylic backboard behind to increase strength and achieve the competition standard which is required to have 2 support bars behind backboard


Foam rubber as absorber in both lower backboard corners to prevent injuries

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