Product information: SMC plastic backboard 5 cm. thick (surface is 7 mm. thick).
Price with hoop included is 15,900 baht (shipping cost and installation cost are not included).


SMC plastic backboard attributes
Standard size fiber SMC backboard 180 x 105 cm. is plastic fiber 50 millimetres thick (plastic is 7 millimetres thick), designed to hold much significant weight by reinforce net-gussets behind the frame with empty space in-between for distributed load. Therefore, this fiber backboard can withstand high impact and pressure. Moreover, this fiber backboard comes with standard size steel rim 45 cm. diameter entirely made of solid steel bar with double shock spring for impacts absorbing.



Standard size 180 x 105 centimetres conform to FIBA standard


Back view red means frequency of the lower net-gussets for distributing hoop load from dunk

Easy install
Fiber backboard suitable for contractor or customers who have remaining structure but its backboard is decay old, need to replace a new one. If you are looking for ready-to-use backboard for your existing structure, this is easy, time-saving and standard choice. Get your basketball to higher quality than wood backboard which has shorter service life, less durability, weaker and different bounce response.

Backboard installation example from Dream Team customer



Fiber basketball backboard installation example. There are holes for attaching or bolting.



Reduces institute expenses and raise profit for contractor
Our backboard is conforming to standard and cheap. Contractors or customers who have remaining structure or whose backboard is decay old can choose to replace old backboard by modify the backside and then install on the remaining structure by attaching equal angle steel to existing aluminium frame with bolts. Save more time than rebuilding the whole basketball pole and remain in accordance with standard.




Hoop is strongly attached and there are shock spring arms inside